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Citizenship by investment


Getting a second passport is a perfect investment that will allow you to move around the world without any restrictions, to enhance your personal safety, to optimize your business processes, and reduce taxes. You can get a second citizenship by investing in real estate, business, or through charitable donations.

Top countries investment programs to obtain a European passport are Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria and Montenegro. You can also apply for a residence permit in Greece, Spain, Portugal and many other EU countries, and then obtain selected country’s citizenship.

In order to travel freely in Europe most investors choose affordable programs like Caribbean and Vanuatu. The second passport, which gives a visa-free access to more than 150 countries, can be issued in 1 or 2 months after $100,000 investment.

If you are looking for a fast and accessible way to get your second citizenship, please contact our Taylor & Smith experts and get our free advice. We offer individual case-specific solutions based on your capabilities and demands.

More and more countries that have valued the foreign investor’s contribution to the economic development offer investment citizenship. State programs «Citizenship by investment» allow wealthy people from around the world to become legal holders of a second passport in exchange for the country’s economic investment.

The cost of investment citizenship depends on the immigration program that ranges from $100000 like Antigua, Barbuda, Saint Lucia and Dominica, to more than €2.5 million like Cyprus one. You can choose the investment path that suits you most: in public funds, real estate or business. Trusted Taylor & Smith advisors will offer the best investment options and help you choose an immigration program that meets your concerns and requirements.

Experienced Taylor & Smith specialists who help you in successful obtaining permanent residence or citizenship, will guide you through the entire immigration process: from preparing all required documents, applying and receiving a new passport. Having carefully considered the objective needs, our experts propose you detailed effective investment strategies and attractive real estate properties offer.

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